Wow! Someone Else Chose Who I Can Vote For?

Yes, the primary election vote selects the candidates for your general election vote!


Yes, the primary election vote selects the candidates for your general election vote!

Most people get interested in politics when it is time for the general election and neglect voting in the primary, like the one coming on June 11th. They figure it is not that important, perhaps because it receives less media attention.  And taking the time to know what impact the candidates will have on them and others takes a little time.

But, by the time of the November 5th general election, we forget that a minority of voters selected who we can vote for in the general election!  

For most of us, it takes years of growing up, getting settled into a career, family and beliefs to be able to see the very important role we can all have in the primary elections. But some people grow up in a culture that is more actively engaged in the community.

Glancing at the North Dakota primary voting demographics, it was striking to see that many more older people and Norwegians voted in the last primary as compared to other groups.

That older people vote more in primaries makes sense because they are more settled.  The Norwegians are one good example of groups with a strong tradition of civic engagement and participation in the democratic process.  Others similarly engaged groups would include the Roman Catholics, Irish, Jews,  Mormons, African Americans, Hispanics and many more.  

Higher levels of education, higher income, community involvement, cultural and religious values and personal political struggles are also seen to stimulate primary voting.

In my race for the North Dakota Superintendent of Public Instruction. The primary election essentially decides the new strategic vision for the North Dakota Public Schools.  The impact is tremendously influential because it affects both education now and the culture in the future.  Do we want to continue the student indoctrination toward Marxism, secular humanism, and postmodernism or do we want to return the Christian culture that the ND Constitution requires? 

Do you want to continue the downhill slide in academics and moral relativism or do you want to stop the madness in schools using the only moral standard which used to be posted in every school in North Dakota, the 10 Commandments?  Should schools return to teaching absolute truth and reality in reading, writing and math.  Or should they continue the emotional-social-learning, diversity-equity-inclusion, critical race theory, transgender time, money, body, and mind wasting statist nonsense?

Boys should not compete in girls sports, girls should not be in boys bathrooms, discipline should be effective, 2 + 2 = 4 no matter how you feel about it. Reading can be done using good books instead of evil books.  

But education reformation requires that we all review the definitions for good and evil.  Noah Webster was the Founding Father of American Education and Scholarship.  His 1828 dictionary was used when the ND Constitution was ratified in 1889 and uses the Bible to define good and evil. A little truth in the public schools will go a long way to return control to parents and teach the 4R’s reading, writing, arithmetic and reality.

Your primary vote matters in every race.  Mark your calendars “ June 11th.”  

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Wow! Someone Else Chose Who I Can Vote For?
James Bartlett May 23, 2024
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