Bartlett for ND Superintendent of Public Instruction  

The implications of teaching the Ten Commandments are thoroughgoing - including reducing the size of government and increasing liberty for students, parents, and teachers.  Some of the positive changes that will be experienced with fully parent-controlled education include: 

  1. Choice in where the child goes to school.
  2.  Choice on what they learn.
  3. Better behavior with effective discipline.
  4. Less teacher stress and overload with more pay.
  5. Easier to recruit gifted teachers.
  6. Higher, decentralized, parent designed, learning standards.
  7. More self-directed learning.
  8. More parent learning alongside of their children.
  9. Special education handled like homeschooling or with private tutors.
  10. Local financial management for best accountability.
  11. Children treated like people, not cars on an assembly line.
  12. Revival of parents taking responsibility for the education of their children.
  13. Restoration of the Christian work ethic.
  14. Putting ND on the road to the most intelligent, patriotic, highest integrity, and moral future.
  15. Phasing out the DPI and federal indoctrination influences.
  16. North Dakota becoming the happiest state.

How does this get done?  By making decisions, and teaching parents how to understand the philosophies operating in their schools, showing them that neutrality of philosophy is impossible, and the direct academic and moral blessings that have always resulted from with a Christian cultural context for public education, even for unbelievers.  The keys are recognizing God's legitimate authority (Fifth Commandment) and socialism (Sixth Commandment) in education administration. 


Fuel the Campaign

I am told that it takes about $120,000 to run a statewide campaign.  So, thanks for supporting this effort to bring very interesting change to the North Dakota Public Schools and culture!