Understanding the Times

Summit Ministry Table of Worldviews

In order to know what to do to improve education in North Dakota, we first need to be able to understand the times.  The sons of Issachar, in 1 Chronicles 12:32, understood their times and as a result of that, knew what Israel should do.  

There are many great resources to help us understand our times, one of my favorite quick references is the Worldview chart, based on Understanding the Times by David Noebel.

Here is the pdf for convenient printing.

As a starting point, circle the boxes you believe. That will help you better understand your own worldview. Then read Understanding the Times to know which philosophers have been influencing your life, family, and education. You could have even more fun doing this with your family or classes.

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Understanding the Times
James Bartlett (tasks) January 20, 2024
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