The Marxist Separation of Church and State

Where the state owns the children, and the church should be silent.

It is interesting that some people think that the US Constitution teaches the separation of church and state.  It actually says, that "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof."  Notice that this is speaking to congress.  So all citizens are free to embrace or reject any faith.

So how would acknowledging God in the ND Constitution and public schools be viewed as violating the separation of church and state?

Here is a quote from brief article to explain:

"An understanding of the Marxist doctrine of the separation of church and state is urgently necessary, because there is a growing confusion between the Marxist view and the earlier American position.

In the Marxist world, as in the Soviet Union, the separation of church and state means that the church must be totally separated from every area of life and thought. It cannot be allowed to educate or to influence education, let alone the state. Because children are seen as the property of the state, the church cannot influence or teach children. In all spheres, the church is isolated from the world and life of its times and is required to be irrelevant and impotent. In the Marxist view, the separation of church and state is a major legal handicap and penalty imposed upon the church. It is in effect a separation from relevance, the power to influence, and the freedom to function.

In the historical American view, the First Amendment places all restrictions upon the federal government, which is barred from establishing, governing, controlling, or regulating the church. The Marxist view handcuffs the church; the American view handcuffs the state."

The remainder of the article is HERE.

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The Marxist Separation of Church and State
James Bartlett (tasks) April 9, 2024
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