The Legal Positivism of the Humanism Worldview

Major Effects

It has been interesting to me how much the ideological issues impact our day-to-day lives.  In the school context, the ideological issues are designed to greatly impact (indoctrinate) teachers and students!  Take legal positivism for example. 

Legal positivism is the legal aspect of secular humanism. In a soundbite, legal positivism is the belief that laws are rules created by human authorities and that there is no inherent or necessary connection between law and morality. In other words, "might makes right."

So, the secularists - that don't belief in morals, good, evil, truth and reality - are teaching the teachers and children that there is - no connection between morals and laws. They then lobby for laws to their liking.

We all want to be able to trust and believe that those in authority are telling us the truth and that the laws are morally good. 

But what can we expect after a few generations of teachers and students learning legal positivism?  We can expect that few people will be able to know the difference between good laws and bad laws, because the culture has no standard except the whims of sinful man.

Evidence of the influence of this legal positivism is also seen in jury duty where judges now tell juries to judge only the facts, rather than in most of American history where they were instructed to judge both the facts and the law.

Why are these ideas not taught in public schools?  They are schools of secular humanism, not truth.

The impact of evolution on law and society is also significant.  Secularists view the US and ND Constitutions as "old" because they see a need to create laws that help society evolve.

So, if rights and laws don't come from the "Laws of Nature and Nature's God," they come from legal positivism where the laws are not tied to morality and activist judges are considered the intellectual elite to shape the nation's future. Truth is not seen as self-evident, and students are taught that all are not created equal by a creator who gives unalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. 

Seems like we need to purge legal positivism from the ND Public Schools!

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The Legal Positivism of the Humanism Worldview
James Bartlett (tasks) April 24, 2024
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