The Eight Wastes


Lean accounting can be used by all organizations.  Once the value to the customer (parent, taxpayer) is identified precisely, then everything else being done is viewed as waste and minimized through continuous improvement efforts.

Of course, in our campaign, we are not talking about more efficient indoctrination, but showing parents how to identify and eliminate the indoctrination.  For example, once legal positivism or moral relativism or anti-realism become a line item in the budget, then parents can first learn what those are, and decide if that is what their children should be learning.  Each line can then be reduced or eliminated according to the parent's values in each school and in line with the ND Constitution.

The same ideas can be used to deciding which math book to use or how much value the teacher union is adding.


  1. Overproduction.
  2. Transportation.
  3. Excess Inventory.
  4. Defects.
  5. Overprocessing.
  6. Wasted Motion.
  7. Waiting time.
  8. Unused people potential.

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The Eight Wastes
James Bartlett (tasks) April 24, 2024
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