Teacher Retention

Give them the Freedom to Teach

Every teacher, and perhaps every student, knows what it will take to retain teachers.  Here is a starting point:

The teachers need to be free to teach without so many mandates.  They need to be free to teach from their heart.  They need to be free to say no to agendas such as Emotional Social Learning (CRT). They need to be free to say no to normed standardized testing and teaching to the test phenomenon.  They need to be free to discipline children and teach them the truth about God's Word and how apply it to life.

I asked a seventh-grade girl, why teachers were leaving the profession. She said that the kids are not listening to the teachers and the kids are not being disciplined, and who wants to sit around all day in that atmosphere!

Literally every place I go, I hear from at least one teacher that explains why they left teaching or retired teacher who would like to go back to be with the kids but will not under the current system.

Teachers are threated if they don't toe the line and I have heard of examples where their teaching credentials were used against them for doing good in the schools.

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Teacher Retention
James Bartlett (tasks) April 15, 2024
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