Fargo Gender Inclusion Manual

Time to Fire all ND Staff, Teachers, and External Organizations involved in Teaching this Postmodern Antirealism

This 34-page document should convince every parent to take their children out of the Fargo Public Schools.  Fargo schools are an example of a modern Sodom and Gomorra, which is destroying minds, hearts, bodies and budgets.

Parents in other school districts might want to ask their schools for a copy of their Gender Inclusion Manual, which may not be on websites. It is wise to be aware that every public-school parent in the country says, "my school isn't as bad as others," until they discover the truth about what is happening in their own school.  There are national agendas, designed to be subtle, at play.

Any person or organization involved in or enabling this radical transgender agenda should be identified and removed from the schools. This is child abuse, evil and against the ND Constitution. God is judging this evil, and it would be safer to stay out of the way!

Since the 1980s, Christian parents have been exhorted to take their children out of the public schools by groups like Focus on the Family.  The conditions today are making the reasons more obvious.

Once the evil philosophies are purged, and a Christian context is returned under parental control, then the schools will be safer physically and psychologically. 

There is no need to wait for the next election. Every school leader, teacher, parent, and child can get bold and eject these ideas now. Notice the book at www.defytyrants.com.  We need to get mad, bold, loud and publicly expose this evil.  Use social media, newspapers, parent meetings and more to stop this destruction force on our society!

Here is the Fargo Gender Inclusion Manual.

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Fargo Gender Inclusion Manual
James Bartlett (tasks) April 7, 2024
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